Tired of the same old concepts?
Tired of the same old concepts?

Desktop Publishing

Ferrari Studio is able to provide global solutions. Our translation and editorial team issues ready-for-printing files in all languages, including in non-Latin alphabets such as Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese.

Translations can be laid out for PC or Mac platforms, using the most widespread DTP programs, including Framemaker®, Pagemaker®, InDesign®, Interleaf®, QuarkXpress®. 

The CAT tools we use in our translation work make it possible to:
  • process large volumes of work in short time 
  • guarantee linguistic and stylistic consistency 
  • optimize production costs 
Data mining: terminology and glossaries
Our translation process makes regular use of systematically updated glossaries. On request, we carry out terminological research and develop glossaries on specific subjects and for specific language pairs, that can be exported in various database formats.

Is the format you need not among those alongside?
Complete the form with your data, source language, target language and attach file. We’ll reply just as soon as possible!

Partnership and accreditations