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Beyond translation: for advertising campaigns, payoffs, newsletters, brochures and websites.

We avail ourselves of local marketing experts, proofreaders and copywriters, to produce a version purposely conceived for a specific market.

Our team of experts, in close conjunction with the client, is able to write creative texts which convey the same nuances of style and meaning as the original text in over 100 languages.

The same impact as the original language is also recreated thanks to the use of linguistic features (metaphors, assonances, alliterations) not reproducible by means of a simple translation process.
SEO Copywriting

Being on the Web with a translated site is not enough. The important thing is to make yourself found. That is why our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service is crucial for translated texts to be put on the Web.

Starting with the client’s keyword and by means of meta tag descriptions, and page titles, our SEO Copywriters write texts or adapt already existing ones to best index the site in search engines, with front-row positioning for optimum traffic generation.

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