The best solution in all situations
The best solution in all situations
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Our network of interpreters includes:

more than 500 professional interpreters, based in Italy or abroad; 
selected according to their working languages, academic qualifications, fields of expertise, experience and professionalism, and accredited by important national and international organizations, including AssointerpretiAIICBDÜ and ATICOM.

Liaison interpreting                                                         
Liaison interpreting ensures informal communication for small groups of persons (excluding simultaneous and consecutive interpreting).

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is done in sound-proof booths, using headphones and a microphone. There are at least two interpreters in each booth.
Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is done by being physically present. The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates a sentence of a few sentences at a time.

Chuchotage, also known whispered interpreting, is a form of simultaneous translation whispered in the ear of the listener; no special equipment is required.

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